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Ventus V2 Concept2


  • All Weather Traction
  • Enhanced Controllability
  • Visual Alignment Indicators
  • High Speed Performance
  • Reduced Road Noise Levels


The Ventus V2 Concept2 Is A Performance And High Performance, All Season Tire Manufactured For Passenger Vehicles And SUVs. Offers A 45,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty With This Tire Model.

The Tire Promotes Excellent All Weather Traction. The All Season Tire Compound And The Optimized Tread Design Upgrade The Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Road Gripping Ability Significantly. The Firmer Road Grip Ensures A Safer High Speed Performance In All Weather. The Circumferential Grooves And The Special V-shaped Siping Detail Boost The Hydroplaning Prevention As They Actively Eliminate Water And Slush From Below The Tires Footprint. The Better Hydroplaning Resistance And Excellent All Weather Traction Ensure A More Secure Year Round Driving Experience.

The Tread Designs Shoulders Sport Visual Alignment Indicators. These Are Located On Both Of The Shoulders Parallel To One Another And They Wear Along With The Tread. If Their Wear Is Identical, It Means That The Alignment Is Correct And The Tires Tread Wear Is Even. If The Wear Is Not Identical, The Vehicles Alignment Is Out Of Balance And The Tread Is Wearing In An Uneven Manner. In These Cases, The Vehicles Alignment Needs To Be Fixed Before The Tires Adopt An Irregular Wear Pattern. The Irregular Wear Shortens The Tread Life And The Tires Usability. Due To This, It Is Important To Remedy The Issue As Soon As It Is Noticed, To Prevent Premature Tread Wear.

The Models Enhanced Handling Is The Result Of Its Maintained Road Contact. The Tread Design Features A 3D Point Effect And Center Rib That Keeps The Tires Contact With The Road. The Internal Structures High-hardness Bead Filler Improves The Controllability As Well. They Optimized The Tires Road Contact Which Upgrades The Steering Responsiveness And The Driving Stability. As A Result, The Tire Is Stabilized Against The Driving Pressure Affecting It, And Its Steering Becomes Quick And Precise In Its Response To The Drivers Instructions. The Shoulder Tread Blocks Boost The Cornering Capability By Increasing The Number Of Biting Edges The Firmly Grip The Road In Such Situations.

The Tires Internal Structure Improves Its High Speed Performing Ability. The Wide Belt Structure, The Strengthened Single Strand Bead Wire And The Optimized Tread Profile Work Together To Enhance The High Speed Performance. They Maintain The Tires Optimal Shape Under The High Speed Driving Pressure. As The Tire Does Not Deform Under The Pressure Affecting It, It Is Capable Of Performing To Its Highest Capability In All Weather.

The Ventus V2 Concept2 Guarantees A Quiet And Comfortable Driving Experience. The Tread Designs Noise Care Blocks Reduce The Road Noise Generated During The Drive. It Blocks The Path Of The Soundwaves And Prevents Them From Coming Into Contact With The Tread Elements. The Decreased Level Of Road Noise Ensures An Enjoyable Drive In All Conditions.


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