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Attention! Due To The Size Of The Tires, Packages Might Be SEPARATED In The Courier Facility And Not Be DELIVERED On The SAME DAY, Even Though We Do Ship Them Together. Tracking Information Can Be Checked By Logging On To The Courier Website With The Master Tracking Number You Will Receive Via Email. For Example, You Can Receive 3 Tires In One Day And The 4th One The Next Day Or The Day After, Or One Tire In One Day And The Second One Day After. We Understand That This Is A Big Inconvenience For Our Buyers, However, This Is ABSOLUTELY Out Of Our Control.



  • All Weather Traction
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Load Durability
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Longer Tread Life


The QR25-TS Is A Highway Terrain All Season Tire Manufactured For Trailers. This Tire Is NOT MEANT TO BE MOUNTED ON LIGHT TRUCKS, As Its Construction Will Not Support The Weight And Performing Style Of Such Vehicles. It Can ONLY BE MOUNTED ON TRAILERS.

The Tire Offers Excellent Tread Life Length. The Advanced Tire Compound Boosts The Tread Life And The Fuel Efficiency. It Prevents Tread Cracking And Stiffens The Tread Area To Prevent Irregular Tread Wear From Forming. The Durable Compound And The Evenly Distributed Driving Pressure Actively Prevent Uneven Tread Wear As They Do Not Allow The Driving Stress To Concentrate On One Area Of The Tread. The Compound And Tread Design Increase The Models Traction Which Lowers The Rolling Resistance. This Makes The Tire Easier To Tow And Decreases The Towing Vehicles Fuel Consumption And CO2 Emissions, Making It More Environmentally Friendly.

The Special Tread Pattern And The Advanced Tire Compound Guarantee Superb All Weather Traction. The Tire Firmly Grips The Road Surface In Dry, Wet And Winter Weather. The Tread Designs Wide Circumferential And Lateral Grooves Actively Resist Hydroplaning Situations By Eliminating Water And Slush From Below The Tires Footprint. As A Result, This Tire Offers An Excellent All Weather Traction And Road Gripping Ability And Remarkable Driving Safety In All Weather.

The Tires Internal Structure Features Full Steel Belt Layers That Maintain The Tires Optimal Shape Under The Driving Pressure. The Maintained Tire Shape Increases The Tires Road Contact Which Stabilizes The Tire Against The Driving Pressure Affecting It. This Enhances The Tires Responsiveness To The Towing Vehicle And Allows It To Precisely Control The Trailer At All Times. The Strengthened Structure Also Allows The Tire To Carry And Withstand Heavier Loads. The Tire Does Not Deform Under The Load Stress, Making It Perfect For Trailer Tires.

The QR25-TS Features Stone Ejectors In Its Tread Design. They Are Placed In The Tread Grooves And Eject Rocks Stuck Between The Tread Elements. This Prevents Stone Drilling As They Protect The Tires Casing At All Times. The Better Stone Ejecting Ensures A Safer Driving Experience.


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