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Attention! Due To The Size Of The Tires, Packages Might Be SEPARATED In The Courier Facility And Not Be DELIVERED On The SAME DAY, Even Though We Do Ship Them Together. Tracking Information Can Be Checked By Logging On To The Courier Website With The Master Tracking Number You Will Receive Via Email. For Example, You Can Receive 3 Tires In One Day And The 4th One The Next Day Or The Day After, Or One Tire In One Day And The Second One Day After. We Understand That This Is A Big Inconvenience For Our Buyers, However, This Is ABSOLUTELY Out Of Our Control.



  • All Weather Traction
  • Better Directional Stability
  • Enhanced Controllability
  • Improved Performance


The HP1000 Is A Performance And High Performance, All Season Tire Manufactured For Passenger Vehicles And SUVs.

This Tire Has Excellent Performing Capabilities Thanks To The Special Tire Compound Used In Its Manufacture. Its Reinforced Structure Increases Its Steering Responsiveness And Provides Better Control Over The Tire. The Tire Provides Better Road Feedback To The Driver, Improving Their Response Time To Changing Road Conditions. The Accurate Steering Responsiveness Also Boosts The Tires Performance Ability.

The Asymmetric Tread Pattern Of The Tire Offers Greater Stability While Cornering. It Provides The Tire With Additional Biting Edges Which Grip The Road Better During Such Maneuvers. The Tires Reinforced Structure Enhances The Directional Stability And Durability During High Speed Driving. This Makes The Tire Safer To Use At Its Full Performance Capacity.

The Tire Offers Superb All Weather Road Grip, Even In Light Winter Conditions, Due To The Special Tread Design. The Excellent Traction, Along With The Tires Hydroplaning Resistance, Make The Driving Experience Safer For Everyone In The Vehicle. The Circumferential Grooves In The Tread Pattern Disperse Water From Beneath The Footprint And Boost The Tires Hydroplaning Resistance.

The HP1000s Optimal Pitch Of The Tread Pattern Lowers The Road Noise Heard In The Cabin Of The Vehicle, Offering A Quiet And Comfortable Drive.


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