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Attention! Due To The Size Of The Tires, Packages Might Be SEPARATED In The Courier Facility And Not Be DELIVERED On The SAME DAY, Even Though We Do Ship Them Together. Tracking Information Can Be Checked By Logging On To The Courier Website With The Master Tracking Number You Will Receive Via Email. For Example, You Can Receive 3 Tires In One Day And The 4th One The Next Day Or The Day After, Or One Tire In One Day And The Second One Day After. We Understand That This Is A Big Inconvenience For Our Buyers, However, This Is ABSOLUTELY Out Of Our Control.

Discoverer AT3 XLT


  • All Weather Traction
  • All Terrain Traction
  • Increased Controllability
  • Longer Lasting Tread Life


The Discoverer AT3 XLT Is An All Terrain, All Season Tire Manufactured For Light Trucks. Offers A 60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty With This Tire Model.

The Special Silica-based Tire Compound And Symmetric Tread Design Firmly Grip The Road Surface In All Weather. The Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Traction Is Ensured With The Constant Road Contact And Excellent Compound Flexibility. The Wide Grooves Prevent Hydroplaning As They Disperse Slush And Water From Below The Tire’s Footprint. The Better Hydroplaning And Exceptional Road Grip Guarantee A Secure Driving Experience All Year Round.

The Tread Design Features A Rugged Shoulder Pattern, Large Tread Blocks And Wide Grooves That Enhance The Soft, Loose And Uneven Terrain Surface Traction. They Find Firm Grip On Terrain Conditions And Ensure First-rate All Round Traction, Both On- And Off-road. The Wide Grooves And Staggered Tread Blocks Maintain A Clean Footprint By Cleaning Out Mud And Slush And Ejecting Rocks Stuck Between The Tread Elements. In This Manner, The Tire Prevents Stone Retention From Harming The Tire’s Casing. The Damage Resistant Tire Compound Also Resists Damage In Off-road Conditions, Ensuring A Safer Performance.

The Special Even Wear Arch Technology Lowers The Possibility Of Uneven Tread Wear. They Optimized The Tire’s Road Contact And The Tire’s Footprint To Evenly Distribute The Driving Pressure Along The Tread Area. The Equally Spread Out Forces Of Acceleration, Cornering And Braking Lengthen The Tread Life By Avoiding Irregular Tread Wear Formations Along The Tread Area. The Optimal Road Contact Also Improves The Tire’s Controllability. It Increases The Steering Responsiveness And Accuracy And Stabilizes The Tire’s Structure Against The Driving Pressure. This Combination Enables The Driver To Confidently Control The Vehicle In All Weather And On All Terrain Conditions.

The Discoverer AT3 XLT Boosts The Comfort Levels. The Whisper Grooves Decrease The Road Noise Levels Heard While The Tires Are In Motion. They Channel The Airwaves From The Footprint Without Letting Them Come Into Contact With The Tread Elements. In This Manner, The Tire Ensures A Comfortable And Quiet Driving Experience.


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