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The Kinergy Is A Touring All Season Tire Manufactured For Passenger Vehicles.

The Tire Promotes Great All Weather Traction. The Symmetric Tread Design Features Notch And Variable Length Sipes, Traction Grooves And An Optimized Tread Block Placement That Increase The Dry, Wet And Winter Weather Road Gripping Ability. The Special All Season Tire Compound Uses The Dual Filler System That Optimizes The Compound On A Molecular Level, Which Maintains Its Flexibility Even In Colder Temperatures. The Tread Design¡¯s Circumferential Grooves Prevent Hydroplaning By Eliminating Water And Slush From Below The Tire¡¯s Footprint. The Enhanced Hydroplaning Resistance And Exceptional All Weather Performance Boost The Year Round Driving Safety.The Model¡¯s Road Contact Improves Its Controllability. The Reinforced Internal Structure Features Twin Steel Belts And A Full Cover Jointless Belt That Upgrade The Tread Stiffness. The High-stiffness Bead Filler Strengthens The Sidewall And Does Not Allow Its Deformation Under The Driving Pressure. The Prevention Of Tread Flexing And Sidewall Blending Ensure Constant Road Contact, Which Increases The Steering Responsiveness And Driving Stability. The Tire¡¯s Braking Capability Is Also Guaranteed. The Special Traction Grooves Improve The Road Grip In Wet And Winter Weather And Create Friction At The Moment Of Braking. In This Manner, The Braking Distance Is Significantly Shortened And A Secure Performance Is Provided.The Tire Offers A Comfortable And Quiet Drive. The Tread Design¡¯s Optimized Pitch Sequence And Siping Detail Work Together To Reduce The Road Noise Levels Heard During The Drive. They Create A Sound Frequency That Negates The Sound Waves Generated While The Tires Are In Motion. The Strengthened Internal Structure Features A Jointless Bead Wire, Which Ensures The Tire Bead¡¯s Uniformity. This, Along With The Reinforced Structure, Enables The Tire To Closely Follow The Road Surface, Absorbing The Shock Of Driving. As A Result, The Road Vibrations Are Not Felt In The Vehicle¡¯s Cabin And The Tire Promotes An Enjoyable Driving Experience.The Kinergy ST Provides A Longer Lasting Tread Life. The Optimized Tread Stiffness Actively Resists Tread Flexing That Manages To Equally Spread Out The Driving Pressure Across The Tire¡¯s Surface. The Evenly Distributed Forces Of Acceleration, Cornering And Braking Lengthen The Usability By Preventing Irregular Wear Formations Along The Tread Area.


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